Modern / Contemporary

Adès, Thomas (GB) Life Story
Berio, Luciano (IT) Folk songs, Beatles songs (selections)
Bertrand, Christophe (FR) Diadème
Birtwistle, Harrison Sir Ring a Dumb Carillon
Boulez, Pierre (FR) le soleil des eaux
Brooke, Nick (USA) Twelve Stations
Buczynski, Walter (CAN) Three Songs (D. Glick, text)
Cage, John (USA) Songbooks and Mesostics, selections
Chin, Unsuk (KOR) Cantatrix Sopranica, soprano I
Crumb, George (USA) Madrigals, Book IV; Apparition
Current, Brian (CAN) Ad Executive – Airline Icarus
Daniel, Omar (CAN) Allegra – The Shadow; Mehetapja
Dun, Tan Water Passion
Evangelista, José (SP/CAN) Exercises de style
Good, Scott (CAN) Deuil Angoisseux
Hannon, Geoff (UK) Where I live is shite/posh
Harman, Brian (CAN) Sewing the Earthworm (David Brock, text), Skolia I
Harris, John (UK) opera scenes
Hostman, Anna (CAN) yet the rain falls; Pied Piper
Knussen, Oliver (GB) Whitman Settings
Leroux, Philippe (FR) ma belle si tu voulais
Voi (REX)
Lizée, Nicole (CAN) Callas Fantaisie; Hitchcock/Kubrick Etudes w/voice
Miller, Cassandra (CAN) Nemico Orfeo
Moravec, Paul (USA) The Blizzard Voices
Morlock, Jocelyn (CAN) opera scenes, Orpheus, where north winds...
Njo, Kong Kie (MAC/CAN) Futures Market; Shattered Glass
Oesterle, Michael (CAN) sweat and mirror; therefore; never odd or even
Pallett, Owen (CAN) Unearth (National Ballet of Canada)
Perla, Jack (USA) opera scenes
Rehnqvist, Karen (SWE) Puksanger-Lokrop
Reich, Steve (USA) Music for 18; Tehillim
Richardson, Abigail (CAN) Alligator Pie
Rolfe, James (CAN) Fresh Face; Lampman songs
Les fêtes de la faim; Simon and Garfunkel and the Prophets of Rage
Ross, Erik (CAN) Concrete ConcerT.O.; The Colour Blue
Saariaho, Kaija (FIN) Leino songs
From the Grammar of Dreams
Changing Light
Sallinen, Aulis (FIN) Four Dream Songs
Salonen, Esa-Pekka (FIN) Five Images After Sappho
Scelsi, Giacinto (IT) CKCKC, Lilitu, Litanie, Sauh I and II
Schafer, R. Murray (CAN) La testa d'Adriane; Apocalypsis (Living Creature)
Schönberg, Arnold (AUS/USA) Pierrot Lunaire, String Quartet no. 2
Scime, Adam (CAN) In the Earth and Air
Sharman, Rodney (CAN) various songs
Smith, Linda C (CAN) various songs
Sokolovic, Ana (SER/CAN) Svadba (Zora); Tanzer Lieder
Staniland, Andrew (CAN) opera scenes
Williams, Gareth (UK) Rocking Horse Winner - Ava
Agitata da due venti
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